Repair Service

We are now offering a repair service for any shoes or boots that are in need of refurbishment.

Please consider that some shoes are beyond repair, but we need to strip them down to discover this. If this is the case, we would need to dispose of them.

£130- Standard repair- With a standard repair we will remove your original heel, sole and welt and replace them. 

£180- Reshape repair- With a reshape, we will remove the heel, sole, welt and insole. Replacing the insole will require remoulding your pair around its original last, therefore reshaping it, before replacing with a new welt and bottom.

We are not repairing linings or the interior of any shoes or boots.

We will not accept payment for your repair until your pair is ready to be sent back. Please do not pay unless instructed to. When instructed to pay here.

Please allow up to 4 weeks from receiving your pair for the repair to be complete.

If you are interested in a repair, please email us at with a picture of the repair and the repair you would like us to do. We will inform you of the next step from there.